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Francisco Castro Handyman is a trusted handyman service provider that caters to the needs of home and business owners residing in Austin, TX. Make your home more functional, visually appealing, and sustainable with our top-quality services at affordable costs. Here’s what I offer!

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While painting may appear to be a simple task at a glance, anyone who's tried a hand at DIY house paint will tell you it's not as easy as it seems. With attention to detail being key, this is one task best left to professionals. Offering a promise of quality with every stroke, my painting service ensures an elegant finish that enhances both the look and value of your property. Book my affordable handyman service for a seamless painting job today!
Fixing Porches

Fixing Porches

Maintenance of porches generally falls by the wayside until significant problems arise that call for urgent repair. Don't let uncared-for porches ruin the appeal of your home's exterior; instead, entrust porch-fixing tasks to me! From board replacement to structural repairs, I handle all aspects of maintaining safety while preserving its aesthetic appeal.


A well-executed remodeling project should improve functionality while increasing your property's overall value. As your trusted handyman for remodeling projects around Austin, TX, I consider lifestyle requirements along with current trends in design when bringing your vision into reality – enhancing comfort levels while ensuring optimum space utilization!
Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Electrical work may range from minor fixes such as changing bulbs or fixtures to complex system installations which should be handled only by skilled experts due to the potential risk they carry if improperly done. Entrust these critical matters regarding electrical systems within my dedicated hands offering profound technical knowledge coupled with years' worth of experience.


DIY plumbing jobs may cause more harm than good! I do all installation and repair jobs excellently, paying close attention to detail. When you choose me for your plumbing needs, you can trust that the job will be done right the first time.


Fencing is an element that lends aesthetics along with privacy minus compromising outward views (especially when they're scenic!). To take the curb appeal of your property to the next level, give my fencing services a try. My expertise is installing, repairing, and replacing fences of all types. Whether it's plain wood or something more long-lasting like metal, I am proficient in handling all types of fencing tasks regardless of the materials you choose.

The Benefits

Hiring a reliable handyman service comes with a vast array of benefits. Professional handymen are trained to finish tasks quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on other important things. They not only perform their duties proficiently but also ensure safety measures, reducing the risk of injury that you may encounter when doing DIY fixes. You don’t have to invest in costly tools that may sit unused most of the time.

My Process

Once a client contacts me with a job, I set up a meeting to assess the task thoroughly. This allows me to provide an estimate based on the complexity and labor involved. Following client approval, I set a date to commence the job. I strongly believe in punctuality and commencing work as agreed without delays. I try to achieve perfection in every task, be it remodeling, plumbing, or painting. I ensure minimal disruption to your routine and clean up thoroughly post-completion.

Other Areas I Serve

Francisco Castro Handyman serves residential and business customers located in the following regions:

– Sunset Valley, TX
– Buda, TX
– Hornsby Bend, TX
– Shady Hollow, TX
– West Lake Hills, TX

Francisco Castro Handyman offers expert handyman services to home and business owners residing in and around Austin, TX.


Really Impressed!

I've been consistently impressed with the affordable handyman service I've been using. Their professionalism, punctuality, and expertise have proven invaluable for a variety of tasks, from plumbing to electrical work. Every project is completed with a high level of skill and attention to detail, leaving me with long-lasting results.

  • Painting
  • Porch Fixing
  • Remodeling
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing
  • Fencing

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